Wedding Cakes

Cutting Cakes

Single and Multi-Tiered

AK Cakes bakers are experts in preparing multi-tier custom wedding cakes in Calgary. We can present single and two-tier cutting cakes.

Cutting Cake Size

AK Cakes offers a standard single-tier wedding cake with three layers and approximately 5-inches high.

How much is a real wedding cake?

Here’s a brief overview of our special wedding cakes:

Double Barrel – 10 Inches High
Extra Tall –7 Inches High
Short – 3 Inches High
Custom cakes – As per customer requests


Serving Sizes

AK Cakes serves wedding custom cakes with different serving sizes in Calgary. Our 6-inch cake comes with 12 servings, 8” with 24 servings, and 10” has 38 servings. Every server/caterer presents a cake in a unique style. Our cake experts add colors to your big day with custom-made cakes.

Cutting Cakes Flavors

We offer a variety of dessert flavor selections to our valuable customers. Our custom wedding cake flavors are available at +$22, while multiple flavored cakes are for +$27. We bring you the best cakes in the market that meet the highest quality standards.

Wedding Cake Prices

The prices of single-tier and multi-tiers vary as per time and detailing. Multi-tiered wedding cake prices are approximately $5 to $8 per slice decorated stylishly with single buttercream. Also, you can order extra add-ons such as piped detailing, multiple colors, fondant, textured finishes, metallic accents, painting, and fresh flowers.

Wedding Cake Deposit

AK Cakes requires a 75% initial deposit when you place your custom cake order. You can pay the remaining amount two weeks before your wedding event.

Best Time to Order

We recommend you consult us about your orders 2 months in advance before the wedding date. Once you have decided on the venue and meal, you can order your best wedding cake. This gives us time to prepare the order on time with passion.


You can contact us via email. We plan to launch in-store consultation soon. And we’ll be happy to correspond by email and keep you in the loop.

AK Cakes Gallery

You can see a wide range of cake designs and flavors in our gallery of custom cakes. We serve the best designs of cakes in Calgary. You can click below to see check out our collection.

Worried about the reservation?

For cake reservations, AK Cakes charges a 75% deposit. Once you have placed the order, you can decide the date anytime. We add this deposit to your final amount of the wedding cake order. All we need is your location and time for the wedding, and your order will be reserved.

Wedding Cake Taster Boxes

Do you want to taste our cake options to make the right choice? Then you can try out our wedding cake tasters. These boxes are available during the planning, and you can order them online through this link.
Wedding cake taster boxes are the perfect way to make sure you have your favorite custom cake flavors on your special day in Calgary. You can taste five different tastes of your choice with mini slices from our menu. We charge $35 (discounted price) for wedding cake taster boxes.


A dessert table for every wedding celebration!

To show a variety of custom-designed desserts and sweets for your dessert table, order them with us. No matter how big or small the gathering, AK Cakes bakers have you covered. Our bakers and cake artists are experts in designing and creating things that look glorious on a dessert table.

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Dessert Table Selection

A dessert table looks more attractive when you add a single or multi-tiered wedding cake. It enhances the appeal of the centerpiece dessert table.

Dessert Table Size

We can help you decide on an elegant wedding cake size for your guests as per your requirements. Generally, it’s best to opt for 3.5 pieces of wedding custom cake per person. We’ll help you choose the right combination and rental stands to display the main desserts on the wedding day.

Dessert Tasting

Are all tastes available? We bake custom cakes as per customers’ orders. So, we don’t offer tasting for required desserts. If you want to taste our pudding course, the best way to taste our wedding cake flavors is to order custom boxes by contacting us. We charge $35 (discounted price) for wedding cake taster boxes

Types and Flavors

Custom dessert includes a bundle of types and flavor options. We can make charming cakes with handmade sugar blossoms, deluxe additions, and paintings. You can order from our list of flavors and give us your picture for a custom wedding cake or wedding anniversary. Visit our website and select the menu here.



AK Cakes baker has a variety of wedding cupcakes for customers. We in Calgary offer three types of cupcakes: mini, standard, and large-size wedding cupcakes with a range of 2-3 inches.

Wedding Cupcakes Cost

Here are the prices for cupcakes:

Mini cupcake Price – $18/Dozen

Standard-Sized Cupcake Price – $35/Dozen

Large Cupcake Price – $60/Dozen


Cutting Cupcakes

You can display single or two-tier cutting cakes at your wedding. We can add tiered cupcakes on a glass stand. Further, you can visit our gallery to view our collection here.

Cupcakes Flavor Menu

We use a variety of flavors for cupcake baking, such as:

Red Velvet
Vanilla Almond


Carrot Walnut
Sticky toffee pudding
Black Forest

Cupcake Filling Menu

Please confirm filling options when placing your order!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Lemon Curd
Vanilla Curd
Cream Cheese
Fresh fruits extra $15
Fresh Fruit Preserves ex.$15
Dark/Milk Ganache ex. $15

White Ganache
Peanut Butter
Dulce de leche
Whipped cream
American Buttercream
Praline paste/ Crunch

Wedding Cake of the Month!

Vanilla has been the best cake for years. But red velvet and chocolate have gained popularity during the last decade. Our best-selling cake of the month is red velvet. The average price is $300-$500 for 3-tiered cakes that serve 50-60 people.

Cupcake Serve Time


  • What would you like?
  • What’s your main cupcake course?
  • What would you serve later in the evening?
  • Will you serve separate dessert courses with dinner?


We recommend one large or two mini cupcakes per person. As for multiple flavors, you may need to increase the number of servings. You can choose flavors and cupcake sizes as per your needs and budget.

Cupcakes Delivery Time and Travel

AK Cakes offer a full wedding cupcake service at reasonable prices. The delivery cost depends on the distance, so please contact us for more information. Please note that delivery and dessert table setup costs are charged separately.

Allergies Caution!

We can handle different allergies from milk, eggs, walnuts, peanuts, soybean, wheat, and almonds. We prepare all custom cakes in a standard hygienic environment. It’s best to share information about any allergy when you place your order. And our team will accommodate your special requirements without hassles!

Wedding Cupcakes Tasting

We have special offers for cupcake tasting. You can book your spot for a limited time offer via email (
Wedding cake taster boxes can be ordered, please contact us to place an order. We charge $35 (discounted price) for wedding cake taster boxes. We are consistent in our cupcake’s flavors and taste. You are welcome to taste custom cupcakes from Monday-Saturday between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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