Birthday Cakes


Nothing makes your birthday memorable more than a delicious birthday cake. From simple sprinkle-covered desserts to elegant 2-tier unicorn and birthday cakes, we can make your wishes come true.
AK Cakes offers a wide range of decorated birthday cakes in Calgary. So, you can enjoy your accomplishments and important life events with personalized treats. We have exciting birthday cake ideas for people of all ages. So, get ready to enjoy a custom birthday cake of your choice on your special day!



Birthday Cake Designs

Do you want to celebrate the birth of a newborn? Or are you interested in cake ideas for kids or teenagers? Then we have a variety of ideas for you.
No matter how old you are, a birthday cake is a must. From sports themes to cute dinosaurs, you can choose from our design collection. Also, we can prepare customized cakes with your favorite color or message on custom orders.


Cake of The Month: Fruit Flan

We bake a two-layered vanilla cake with raspberry filling. It is topped with fruit and airy whip cream and almond slices on the edge.
The cake size is 6 to 10 inches, please order at least five days in advance.

Birthday Cupcakes

AK Cakes bakers in Calgary has a variety of birthday cupcakes for customers. We offer three sizes: mini, standard, and large-size cupcakes with a range of 2-3 inches.

Birthday Cupcakes Prices

The price list for our cupcake range:

  • Mini cupcake Price – $18/Dozen
  • Standard-Sized Cupcake Price – $35/Dozen
  • Large Cupcake Price – $60/Dozen

Cupcake of the Month!

A Carrot Walnut Cupcake filled and topped with Cream Cheese Icing is $2.50/each.

Birthday Cake Size

Our bakers specialize in preparing desserts. But it’s not always easy to decide which cake size you should order.
With this standard chart, you can order the right cake size as per the required servings. Consult our chart before placing your order.

    Cake Size          Based Price

6" (12-15 servings)            $60 $80

8" (24-26 servings)           $90 $110

10" (36-38 servings)         $135 $155

6"/8" (38-40 servings)      $150 $170

8"/10" (62-65 servings)     $195 $215

Birthday Cake Flavor

Red velvet and cream cheese frosting with unique flower pairing are a classic combination at our store in Calgary.

This collection of cakes with flavors and frosting combinations will be your favorite recipe in a whole new way. We offer many types of birthday cakes with multiple flavors and icing as per your needs.

Cake Flavors

We use a variety of flavors for cupcake baking, such as:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Red Velvet
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla Almond
  • Lemon
  • Funfetti
  • Oreo
  • Carrot Walnut
  • Coconut
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Pistachio
  • Coffee/Streusel
  • Mocha
  • Treslaches
  • Black Forest

Cake Fillings

Please confirm filling options when placing your order!

  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Lemon Curd
  • Vanilla Curd
  • Cream Cheese
  • Fresh fruits extra $15
  • Fresh Fruit Preserves ext. $15
  • Dark/Milk Ganache ext. $15
  • White Ganache
  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dulce de leche
  • Whipped cream
  • American Buttercream
  • Praline paste/ Crunch

Birthday Cake Price

We can prepare single-tier or multi-tier cakes as per your order. But the price range would vary with time and details.

Multi-tiered birthday cake prices with single buttercream start at approximately $7/ per slice. The prices of single-tier cakes start from $5/per slice according to the flavor.

We also offer additional options such as piped detailing, multiple colors, fondant, textured finishes, metallic accents, painting, fresh, sugar, and silk flowers. To see the prices of all cakes, click here.


A 75% initial deposit is required by AK Cakes to book your birthday cake order. We will request the remaining payment upon pickup.


AK Cakes offers complete birthday setup and cake delivery services in Calgary for extra charges. Please contact us for more details.

Birthday Cake Order

AK Cakes baker recommends that you let us know about your birthday party 2-3 weeks earlier. Once you’ve finalized the venue, meal, and dessert, you can order your best birthday cake. This timeframe is good enough to get your cake ready on time.


Birthday Cake Reservation

AK Cakes requires a 75% deposit for reservation. You can reserve the order and confirm the date at your convenience. We will add this initial deposit to your final amount. When reserving your birthday cake, provide us with information about your birthday, location, and timings.



Do you want a dessert table on your birthday? Then you can choose it from our menu.
For small and big birthday gatherings, AK Cakes offers a wide range of dessert options to meet your needs in Calgary. Our bakers and cake artists are experts in preparing glamorous desserts for your dessert table.

Cakes Taster Box

Are you confused about the right flavor choice?
Then feel free to try out our birthday cake taster range. You can get 5 slices of any flavor for $35 (discounted price). To order your cake taster online, click here.

Birthday Cakes Gallery

A lot of cake designs and flavors in our gallery of custom cakes are waiting for you. We are serving a unique variety of birthday cakes in Calgary. You can click below to browse our collection of cakes.

Order Consultation

AK Cakes aim to serve customers in a hassle-free way. Our email addresses are available on the website and you can contact us anytime. The in-store consultation options will also be available soon.

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